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VA Gov. Northam Signs Step Therapy Reform Bill Into Law

VA Gov. Northam Signs Step Therapy Reform Bill Into Law

On Tuesday, March 12, Virginia joined the ranks of 22 states that have passed legislation to curb step therapy. House Bill 2126, which was signed into law by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, reforms step therapy, or “fail first,” insurance protocols that force patients to try and fail an insurer-preferred medication before the medication their doctor originally prescribed. This legislation places important guardrails to protect patients from the inappropriate use of burdensome step therapy protocols.

Patients and providers have been working hand in hand on reformingstep therapyprotocols in Virginia since 2016. Countless touchpoints with legislators have gotten us across the finish line, including letters sent to legislators,op-edspublished in local newspapers, coalition-based initiatives through Fair Health Care VA and even state legislative days with in-person legislator meetings in Richmond.

Dr. Harry Gewanter, Arthritis Foundation Ambassador and chair of the Virginia advocacy committee, played an instrumental role in the success of this bill. Of the step therapy win, Dr. Gewanter says: “This legislation will help patients receive appropriate therapies when their unique circumstances need personalized treatment and ensure that the patient-physician relationship remains at the center of care decisions.”

The Arthritis Foundation thanks all legislators who have supported the bill, specifically Delegate Davis, who has championed this bill for four years.You can share your gratitude with the legislature as well!


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Importance of Step Therapy Reform

Step therapy这也被称为“先失败”,是保险公司使用的一种工具,要求患者在获得医生最初开出的药物之前,先尝试一种较便宜的治疗方法或一系列治疗方法。过于繁重的步骤治疗要求可能会危及患者与提供者的关系,并不必要地延长无效治疗,阻止患者立即开始,或在某些情况下继续获得医生建议的最适当治疗。Continue readingImportance of Step Therapy Reform

Medicare Advantage

TAKE CARE: Advocacy Blog Series Medicare Advantage Plan Change Coming in 2019

Considering a Medicare Advantage plan for 2019?

An important change is coming that you should know about!

The administration recently released guidance that allows Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to use step therapy. This is new for next year and a few health insurers have already said they will institute the policy. In this week’s Take Care blog, we break down the issue to help you make the best choice duringopen enrollment season. Remember: Medicare open enrollment has already started and continues through December 7. Read on to get the scoop on this change to Medicare Advantage plans.

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100 advocacy state victories

100 State Advocacy Victories….and Counting!

The Arthritis Foundation reached a milestone in September, securing our 100thstate legislative victory since 2014! Congratulations Advocates!! All of these victories were made possible due to all of you!

Our victories occurred in 47 states plus Washington, DC, impacting more than 50 million people with doctor-diagnosed arthritis, and have focused on manypatient access to care issueslike:

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minnesota step therapy advocacy

MN Governor Dayton Signs Legislation for Step Therapy Guardrails

On May 19, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed HB 3196 into law! Step therapy legislation gives physicians a clear path toward getting their patients the medications they need.


Step Therapyis a practice used by insurers that requires people with arthritis to try lower-cost medications before allowing more expensive treatments, despite a physician’s recommendation.

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shanna new mexico legislation

NM Governor Martinez Signs Senate Bill 11 into Law to Curb Step Therapy

2月28日,星期三,新墨西哥州和全国其他17个州一起通过了限制步进疗法的立法。新墨西哥州州长苏珊娜·马丁内斯(Susana Martinez)签署的参议院第11号法案(Senate Bill 11)改革了强制患者尝试保险公司选择的药物的程序,使患者在使用医生最初开出的药物之前“先失败”。

Step therapyis an insurance practice that requires patients to use a lower-cost drug before permitting more expensive drugs – regardless of what your doctor prescribed. This may occur even if you are already taking that pricier medication and doing well on it. Senate Bill 11 placed limits on this practice and helps get the right medicine to patients faster.

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amy barron platinum arthritis ambassador

Platinum Ambassador Spotlight: Amy Barron, OHIO


By Amy Barron, Platinum Ambassador, OH Advocacy Committee

I am privileged to serve as a member of the Arthritis Foundation’s Ohio State Advocacy Committee. Advocacy committees like mine help to chart the course of local and state-wide advocacy action for our arthritis community. Many of our committee members serve as Arthritis FoundationAdvocatesandAmbassadors, at both the state and federal level.

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rebecca gillett

Platinum Ambassador Spotlight—Rebecca Gillett, Colorado

2016年,我有幸与来自丹佛的一些经验丰富的倡导老兵一起参加了在华盛顿特区举行的关节炎基金会倡导峰会。我以前从未见过我的议员们,也没有分享过我的故事,所以这是一种全新的体验。很容易“感染”倡导的周围有那么多其他关节炎患者的倡导人士,他们想要为我们所有人做出改变。在过去的几年里,提高对关节炎的认识和筹款一直是我生活中不可分割的一部分,但倡导已成为一种更大的热情。This year, I achieved the Platinum Ambassador Award and will attend the Arthritis Foundation’sPlatinum Ambassador Assemblythis March 12-13, 2018.

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lori fagan arthritis ambassador spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight – Lori Fagan, Virginia

From Lori Fagan

I have been living withrheumatoid arthritis (RA)十多年了。作为一名全职工作的母亲和患有慢性病的妻子,我最不需要的就是与健康保险公司斗争的额外压力。

Unfortunately, because of a common health insurance practice known as “step therapy,” the last 10 years have been a constant and stressful battle.

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