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Control Gout Symptoms

Get Better Control of Your Gout

痛风是已知的最古老的人类疾病之一,可以追溯到公元前2600年,但一项新的研究表明,病人对这种疾病仍不太了解。The study, published online in January 2016 inArthritis Care & Research,found that just 14% of patients with this painful type of inflammatory arthritis actually knew what their uric acid level should be.

“It is an old disease for which there are really effective treatments and despite that, understanding of treatment goals is suboptimal. It is somewhat surprising,” said study author Ted Mikuls, MD, the Umbach Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in Ohama. “Patients have pretty good knowledge of what causesgoutand what drugs are used for, so the lack of knowledge about a treatment goal stood out.”
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